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Grow methods including horizontal and vertical, these materials(ZnGeP2, AgGaS2, AgGaSe2, GaSe, KTA, KTP, BIBO, LBO, BBO) are available with given standard sizes and orientations. Some of which, with properties of large nonlinear coefficient and unique dimensions we provided are widely used in regular SHG,THG and Mid-infrared OPO,OPA systems, etc. Products can be delivered with or without Anodized Aluminium holder.
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About Dien Tech

As an energetic, young crystalline materials technology company, DIEN TECH specializes in the research, design, manufacture and sell of a series of nonlinear optical crystals, laser crystals, magneto-optic crystals and substrates. Excellent quality and competitive elements are wildly applied in the filed of scientific, beauty and industrial markets. Our highly dedicated sales and experienced engineering teams are firmly committed to working with customers from beauty and industrial filed as well as the research community worldwide for challenging customized applications.

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Advancing Infrared Laser Technology: Groundbreaking Research on ZGP Crystals Achieves Record Quantum Efficiency

Groundbreaking Research on ZGP Crystals Achieves Record Quantum Efficiency We are thrilled to announce the publication of a pioneering research paper, “Highly efficient octave-spanning long-wavelength infrared generation with a 74% quantum efficiency in a χ(2) waveguide,”...

DIEN TECH will attend ISUPTW on Sep. 8-11, 2023 at Qingdao, China

International Symposium on Ultrafast Phenomena and THz Waves (ISUPTW), an international symposium, provides a platform for strengthening the collaboration and exchange among worldwide researchers in academia and industry and promoting the development in Ultrafast and Terahertz science and technol...

Optical contacted ZnTe crystals 100+110 orientation for EO sampling THz detection

In modern THz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS), the common approach is THz pulses generation by optical rectification (OR)of ultrashort laser pulses and then the detection by free space electro-optic sampling (FEOS) in nonlinear crystals of special orientation. In optical rectification, the ban...