• Laser Flash Lamp

    Laser Flash Lamp

    Generally, a Xenon lamp need to seal in a quartz glass tube of the two metal electrodes to store electrical energy, after a high vacuum tube filled with xenon gas treatment, to output the pulse light pulse discharge of the gas discharge lamp. Xenon Lamp widely used in laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser drilling machine, laser beauty machine. We manufacture Xenon Lamp selection of quality UV filter quartz tube as the tube material to high quality density thorium tungsten, barium, cerium tungsten electrode tungsten or xenon lamp electrodes, with a load capacity, high efficiency pump laser beam quality, long life and other characteristics.

  • Interference Filters

    Interference Filters

    DIEN TECH provides high quality standard and custom-made narrow bandpass interference filters within the spectral range from 200 nm to 2300 nm.

  • Plano-Concave Lenses

    Plano-Concave Lenses

    Plano-concave lens is the most common item used for light projection and beam expansion. Coated with antireflective coatings, lenses are used in various optical systems, lasers and assemblies.

  • Super Achromatic Waveplates

    Super Achromatic Waveplates

    Super Achromatic Waveplate can provides extremely flat phase delay in a large Wavelength broadband. The broadband of Quarter Waveplates are 325-1100nm or 600-2700nm, the Half Waveplates are 310-1100nm or 600-2700nm. The Super Achromatic Waveplate of standard adopt Glued strutures.We can customize phase retardation and wavelength according to customer’s requirment.

  • True Zero Order Waveplate

    True Zero Order Waveplate

    Single Plate True Zero-Order Waveplate has broad spectral bandwidth ,wide temperature bandwidth ,wide angle bandwidth,high damage threshold with standard wavelength: 1064,1310nm, 1550nm and thickness down to 0.028mm.

  • Low Order Waveplate

    Low Order Waveplate

    Low Order Waveplatesare much better than the multi-order wave-plates because of its thinnerthickness less than 0.5 mm). Better temperature(~36°C), Wavelength(~1.5 nm) and incident angle(~4.5°) bandwidth and high damage thresholdmake it widely used in common application. Also it is economical.

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